"if you do not strive for the impossible, to not only outperform your competitors, but to operate in a completely different world, you will end up with nothing more than the ordinary" -  Tony Alper, founder.

Corporate Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CCS) was founded in 1962 by Anatole (Tony) Alper in Lafayette, Indiana. Tony was passionate about this new venture in the commercial cleaning industry, and was determined to blaze a new trail.

From the outset, he was committed to delivering a unique level of customer value - a combination of quality and customer care that had never been seen in the industry.  As such, he saw the necessity of providing his employees superior equipment, procedures and methodology to fulfill this commitment. He realized that without enabling his people to perform, that he would be unable to ever deliver on his promises to his clients.

Most of all, the company was built around the concept of developing real partnerships with its customers. Tony became aware from early on, that no amount of operational brilliance could ever take the place of working hand in hand with the customer to produce what was needed. Each and every employee was therefore held accountable to produce customer-defined excellence, from cleaner to President.

By sticking to these key concepts, the company developed from a single account in Lafayette, to a multi-state corporation providing leading-edge services to our partners. More than 50 years later, one can look back and see the same core principles driving the company forward and allowing us to have an unparalleled record of client retention across four states of operation.