In an industry in which all companies are viewed as homogeneous, our method of success contradicts the norm

Total Customer Focus: Everyone in the company has one central priority – the customer. All employees are evaluated on the basis of providing the highest level of satisfaction. Via high frequency inspections, customer visits, and a variety of other communications routes, we are able to closely monitor our success. Our program, InfoCentral, plays a key role in this process. InfoCentral is an automated CRM tool developed to provide 24 hour, 7 days a week, 360° service. All requests are instantly dispatched to management, supervision and staff via smartphones. Every issue is documented and pursued until it has been solved to our client’s satisfaction. Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports are produced to isolate trends.

Extensive Process Engineering: CCS has implemented processes for virtually every aspect of its business. This translates to far less dependence on two of the critical areas of weakness of a janitorial service provider – supervision and labor. Conventional firms essentially assign laborers to a building and hope for the best. At CCS, employees are thoroughly trained and held strictly accountable to CCS Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on an ongoing basis. As a result, the organization has become systems-dependent versus people dependent. Even in the “startup” environment, there is a remarkable element of calm and organization

Scalability and Customization: Our company has demonstrated the capability to scale its systems and customer support structures for a very wide range of client needs – from 100,000 square foot class B office to over five million distributed square feet of a multi-billion dollar organization’s national headquarters. Each and every customer receives the same commitment to outstanding service standards and personal attention regardless of their size or particular requirement.

Research and Development: CCS is not content with approaching service provision within the context of what is standard within our industry. The firm has elected to incorporate research and development into its DNA. By combining efficiency, value, design, quality and performance as drivers in purchasing and process design, CCS is often able to provide its customers with leading-edge quality, functionality and other specialized benefits such as minimized environmental impacts, without raising expenses.